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Making AR Easy

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Bring your stories to life through augmented reality.

It's easy, fun and amazing.

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What is AR?

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality, commonly referred to as “AR”, layers digital content over physical content to create a whole new experience within the real world.

How to create an
AR Experience


Trigger Image

It can be the digital file of a logo, invitation, event announcement, or a clear photo of the printed version.


Your Video

Captured that moment? Make it your AR experience.


Your Links

Connect the experience to your website and social media.


View with
AReveryware App

You, your friends, and the world will be able to see your AR Experience using the AReveryware App.

Select Your Trigger

The trigger is what AReveryware users will point their device at to see your AR experience. The trigger can be a logo, a printed item or a photo of an item.

The more contrast in the trigger the easier it will be recognized by the App.

Add Your Experience

Add Your Effect

This is where the magic happens. The Effect is what viewers will see on their device when the trigger is recognized.

Upload a short video (15-20 secs) to be the Effect for your AR experience.

Tap For More

When the Effect finishes, provide the viewer with links to your website or social media pages.

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Make Your Own AR Experience

Make Your Own

Get Inspired!

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